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Walking in the Haute Savoie: South - Cicerone Press
Walking in the Haute Savoie: South - Cicerone Press
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Walking in the Haute Savoie: South - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - Laminated
Edition First
Published 23 Jun 2005
Originally Published 23 Jun 2005
Pages 240
No. Maps 33
No. Photos 70
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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5 990 Ft 
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The Haute Savoie region of France lies in the southeast of the country below Lake Geneva. While the region is probably best known for its famous Mont Blanc range, this guide opens up to walkers the dozens of other, less frequented mountains in the Haute Savoie, which are just as delightful.
This guide is the second of a series of two volumes covering the walking possibilities in the Haute Savoie. Book 1 covers gentle pre-alps south of Lake Geneva (Chablais, Salve and Valle Verte), across to the Swiss border. Book 2 covers the higher peaks to the south, between Annecy and Chamonix, and describes 30 walks in the area.

Both volulmes of the guide also give historical background, descriptions of the different areas the walks start from, plus additional information regarding the towns and villages which can be used as centres. There are chapters concerning how to get there, equipment, walk explanations, flora and fauna.
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