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Walking in the Central Italian Alps - Cicerone Press
Walking in the Central Italian Alps - Cicerone Press
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Walking in the Central Italian Alps - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - PVC
Edition First
Published 1 Jan 1995
Originally Published 1 Jan 1995
Pages 218
No. Maps 11
No. Photos 45
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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5 490 Ft 
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A kaleidoscope of walking routes through Italy's largest National Park as well as several Nature Parks.

Unusual wildlife, brilliant flora at incredible altitudes, desolate glacial valleys and picturesque legends about the icy realms are regular features of itineraries that touch on ancient irrigation channels, medieval castles, Romanesque churches, First World War fortifications, traditional farm life and comfortable refuges that serve mouth-watering local dishes… all accessible using the extensive network of public transport.

The itineraries described follow well-marked and numbered paths for the most part, though they range from wide easy tracks through woods to tiring moraine debris and snow crossings. Preference has been given to circular routes or traverses connecting different valleys - as well as the psychological satisfaction they provide, they can be split up into individual sections as short day-walks. Alternative accesses and exits are given when possible.

A vast range of adaptable routes for all the family, through an area hitherto unknown to English-speaking walkers.
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