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Indonézia térkép - Periplus Editions
Indonézia térkép - Periplus Editions
2 881 Ft

Indonézia térkép - Periplus Editions

Illustrations: 4 area maps & 4 city plans
Periplus Editions

Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
2 881 Ft
Double-sided mapping of Indonesia dividing the country in two sections (Eastern & Western both at 1:4,000,000), and including insets covering the Yogyakarta Area at 1:300K and Bali at 1:500K, and small city plans of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kuta Area (Bali) and Nusa Dua (Bali).

Combines general road detail with tourist informations and hillshading.

All maps are highlighting places of interest, temples and churches, museums and natural reserves. Plus on the city plans and area insets a series of simbols indicates petrol stations, taxi ranks, embassies, information points, hotels and restaurants, beaches and diving resorts.

A short list of geographical definitions is translated from Indonesian into English, German, French and Dutch.
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