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Dubrovnik laminált térkép - Insight
Dubrovnik laminált térkép - Insight
2 765 Ft

Dubrovnik laminált térkép - Insight

laminált térkép
1 : 12 500

Insight Maps
Szállítási határidő : 10 nap
2 765 Ft
The main map at 1:12,500 shows the whole town, with an inset at 1:3,000 showing the old town in greater detail. Detail includes one-way streets, pedestrian zones, car parks, and public buildings. Colours distinguish parks and built-up areas and a range of symbols denote various landmarks, notable buldings, museums, churches, hotels, information offices, post offices, beaches, sites of interest. On the reverse: a 1:10,000 plan of the nearby resort of Cavtat, a general road map of Dubrovnik's environs at 1:300,000 and a road map of S. Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro at 1:2,000,000.
All the maps are indexed for streets, towns and places of interest as appropriate for the scale, and throughout the coverage 33 major attractions are highlighted and provided with brief descriptions. Some general notes for tourists are also included ie. public transport matters, money, tourist information resources. A small diagram of the local bus network is included.
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