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St Helena, guidebook in English - Bradt
St Helena, guidebook in English - Bradt
6 400 Ft

St Helena, guidebook in English - Bradt

St Helena, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha - guidebook in English
3rd edition (September 2015)
Written by Susan Britt-Gallagher & Tricia Hayne
Publisher: Bradt
6 400 Ft
Rugged, volcanic and very remote, the three tiny islands of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha dot the South Atlantic like so many bits of flotsam. As Napoleon's place of exile following the Battle of Waterloo, St Helena has gained a notoriety that assures its place in the travel lexicon. This fully revised edition includes information on St Helena's new airport, which makes it possible for the first time for visitors to explore the island's natural and historic attractions without a five-day sea voyage to get here. Hiking, fishing, snorkelling and diving are included, plus details of marine wildlife, from whale sharks and dolphins to groupers and soldier fish. Expert author Tricia Hayne also provides a section on '24 hours in Cape Town', offering a brief overview of what to see and do with a day between voyages.
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