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Nigeria, guidebook in English - Bradt
Nigeria, guidebook in English - Bradt
7 200 Ft

Nigeria, guidebook in English - Bradt

Nigeria - guidebook in English
3rd edition (September 2012)
Written by Lizzie Williams
Publisher: Bradt
7 200 Ft
The chaos of Lagos, one of the world's most populous cities, often overshadows the rich offerings found elsewhere in Nigeria. Explore further and travellers can bathe in the Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari National Park; trek through Oshogbo Sacred Forest - a world Heritage site; or visit one of the Emir's many elaborately decorated palaces. The only dedicated English-speaking travel guide to Nigeria on the market, personal anecdotes guide the traveller through each region, highlighting places to eat, sleep and shop. Essential advice on where to stay and how to avoid scams ensure travellers arrive at their destination safely. Lizzie Williams' engaging style brings alive the many cultural events such as the Abuja carnival and the horse-riding Durbar festivals.
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