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Algarve Top 10
Algarve Top 10
3 990 Ft 
2 993 Ft

Algarve Top 10

100 x 191mm
144 pages

Jun 2009
Dorling Kindersley

Szállítási határidő: 3 hét
3 990 Ft 
2 993 Ft
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Save time and find the 10 best of everything to see, buy, do, taste and avoid in the Algarve

Whatever you plan to do – whether you are travelling first class or on a limited budget – make sure you experience the best. With this easy to use, quick reference guide that slips into your bag, you can instantly find the top 10 leading attractions.

Discover the coolest beaches to sunbathe, top golf courses, most charming villages, spectacular castles, liveliest bars and clubs, most fun places for kids, best hotels on every budget and much more.
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