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Bhutan térkép - Himalayan Maphouse
Bhutan térkép - Himalayan Maphouse
5 280 Ft

Bhutan térkép - Himalayan Maphouse

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Himalayan Maphouse

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5 280 Ft
Bhutan: The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Indexed general map of Bhutan, highlighting the country’s internal provinces. The basic map is very similar to the Bhutan Himalaya map by the same publisher, but without any hill-shading. Here pastel shades distinguish the provinces and broken green lines mark the national park boundaries. Highways, main roads and selected minor routes/trekking routes are marked, although specific trails are not identified. Selected peaks passes and altitudes are marked, and a few more symbols denote post offices, fortresses, monasteries, buddhist monuments, places of interest and airports. Margin ticks show latitude and longitude in steps of 1', and the map corner coordinates are stated. Indexed for place names, fortresses, passes and peaks.

Inside the map cover are printed some geographical notes on the country and driving times between selected locations.
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