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Jeruzsálem térkép - Mapa Publishers
Jeruzsálem térkép - Mapa Publishers
6 280 Ft

Jeruzsálem térkép - Mapa Publishers


Mapa Publishers
szállítási idő: 2 hét
6 280 Ft
Clear street plan, with enlargements for the Old City and the central area, plus notes on main places of interest, accommodation, restaurants, etc. The main map covers the city with its suburbs, extending from Yad Vashem and the surrounding districts to Mount of Olives and the Hebrew University (Mount Scopus). North-south coverage is from Neve Ya'akov (with Atarot Industrial Zone as an inset) to Khomat Shmu’el. All place names are given in the Roman alphabet. The map shows one way streets, traffic lights, pedestrianized zones, access by steps, etc. On many streets selected house numbers are also indicated. Symbols mark places of interest, selected accommodation including youth hotels, various facilities and places of worship and entertainment, etc.

On the reverse, enlargements show the Old City and the city center in greater detail. Extensive street index refers both to the main map and the two enlargements. Also included are notes on main places of interest, with opening hours, etc, and lists of main hotels and recommended restaurants, cafes and bars. Map legend and all the text are in English.
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