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Cameroon, guidebook in English - Bradt
Cameroon, guidebook in English - Bradt
6 400 Ft

Cameroon, guidebook in English - Bradt

Cameroon - guidebook in English
3rd edition (July 2011)
Written by Ben West
Publisher: Bradt
6 400 Ft
With ancient chiefdoms tucked between terraced fields and volcanic mountains, Mount Cameroon - Africa's highest peak, the impressive Waza National Park with its herds of elephants, and the coast's sleepy palm-fringed beaches, Cameroon has no shortage of attractions, yet it somehow fails to be a tourist haunt. The only full-length, English-language guide, this book contains essential information on nature, culture and staying healthy plus practical details like getting around and accommodation options in the city and countryside. It includes details of wildlife and bird sites, ancient tribal kingdoms, colourful trading towns, 'pygmy' hunting camps and even where to see the endangered lowland gorilla.
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