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Central Switzerland - A Walker's Guidebook - Cicerone Press
Central Switzerland - A Walker´s Guidebook - Cicerone Press
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Central Switzerland - A Walker´s Guidebook - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - PVC
Edition First
Published 1 Jan 1993
Originally Published 1 Jan 1993
Pages 208
No. Maps 10
No. Photos 32
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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Few regions of the Alps contain greater contrasts than Central Switzerland. The shores of the riviera-like Lake of Lucerne and the ice-clad peaks of the Winterberg massif are a world apart, yet they have two things in common; both are scenically spectacular and with magnificent walking country nearby. This guidebook points the way to secluded corners of rarely-trodden glens as well as the better known valleys, along lakeside pathways and across lofty ridges with stunning views to dream on. Here indeed is a mountain region with vast potential for the walker and all who love fine scenery.

Lucerne, Brunnen, Altdorf, Andermatt and Engelberg ensure that there's no shortage of accommodation - of all standards. But there are also numerous other villages and remote alp hamlets, less known but no less lovely, that offer overnight lodgings in the peace of the mountains.

Kev Reynolds describes the villages, valleys and mountains of Central Switzerland, and provides 90 of the region's best walking routes that will lead to some of the finest views in all the Alps.

This guidebook has been planned for use by walkers who may never have ambled through an alpine valley before, as well as the more experienced mountain trekker aiming for the high cols and rugged inner recesses of glacier-hung peaks. There is something in the Alps for all to enjoy.
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