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Bali térkép - Periplus Editions
Bali térkép - Periplus Editions
2 881 Ft

Bali térkép - Periplus Editions

Area Maps: Bali 1:250,000, South Bali 1:100,000
City Maps: Candidasa 1:10,000, Denpasar 1:20,000, Gianyar 1:25,000, Klungkung 1:15,000, Kuta & Legian

Periplus Editions

Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
2 881 Ft
The whole island - with Nusa Penida - is shown at 1:250,000. Hill shading and altitude tinting shows the general relief. Ferries are marked and symbols mark sites of interest, temples, hotel & beach resort locations. On the reverse, southern Bali is represented in more detail at 1:100,000. Additional detail includes petrol ststions, bus terminals, hospitals, monuments.
Street plans are included for the Kuta area, Gianyar, Klungkung, Candidasa, Ubud, Denpasar, Lovina Beach, Sanur, Singaraja and Nusa Dua & Tanjung Benoa.
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