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Barrington Tops National Park térkép - Hema
Barrington Tops National Park térkép - Hema
4 060 Ft

Barrington Tops National Park térkép - Hema


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4 060 Ft
One of five maps designed to cover in greater detail the most popular national parks and recreational areas of New South Wales. The map covers the Barrington Tops National Park and the adjoining state forests, as wells as the Mount Royal National Park. Topography is indicated by relief shading and names of various ranges and selected peaks. Walking tracks are shown, including the Bicentennial National Trail and Tops to Myalls Heritage Trail. An overprint highlights forest drives, information centres, rest and picnic areas, accommodation including campsites and caravan parks, recreational facilities, places of interest, fuel supplies, etc. The map also shows boundaries of water catchment areas. Latitude lines are drawn at 7’30” intervals, with longitude at 15’. The map also has a UTM grid and shows the coverage of this area by the 1:25,000 topographic survey of New South Wales.

Five insets provide more detailed coverage of the most visited parts of the park.
Also included are annual rainfall and temperature charts and brief notes on 18 recommended hikes.

This title is part of Hema’s series of regional touring maps, providing more detailed or more convenient coverage of various regions of Australia than found on road maps of individual states or in the publisher's "City to City" series.
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