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Walking in the Dordogne - Cicerone Press
Walking in the Dordogne - Cicerone Press
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Walking in the Dordogne - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - Laminated
Edition First
Published 1 Jul 2004
Originally Published 1 Jul 2004
Pages 224
No. Maps 33
No. Photos 83
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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5 990 Ft 
4 493 Ft
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The Dordogne region in southwest France conjures up a vision of England as it used to be 50 years ago - a green rural paradise of quiet little villages nestling in shallow valleys. It offers the walker a beautiful environment in which to walk, surrounded by delightful pastoral countryside, sweeping fields of crops and walnut orchards plus dramatic vistas from cliff tops.

The 30 routes, split between the regions of Sarlat and Bergerac, move through this countryside, taking you along valley bottoms and into woodlands and leave plenty of time for exploring the historic sites or just sitting in the delightful surroundings of a village café. Illustrated with the author's own colour photographs and sketch maps, this is a comprehensive guide to exploring the region on foot.
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