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Fiji-szigetek térkép - Hema
Fiji-szigetek térkép - Hema
4 060 Ft

Fiji-szigetek térkép - Hema

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4 060 Ft
Indexed general map showing relief by elevation tinting and including many names of villages and smaller surrounding islands. Major and minor roads are shown, and the map is indexed for settlements, tourist resorts and islands. Other detail on the map is confined to airfields, marine landings, divisional boundaries and ocean depth tinting. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn on the map at 15' intervals. The projection is Lambert's Conical Conformal.

Simple street plans of central Suva, Sigatoka, Lautoka and Nadi are included and on the reverse is an extensive array of tourist information. This covers accomodation, recreation, excursions, useful addresses and telephone numbers and practical matters like budget advice and etiquette.
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