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Florida Camping - Moon
Florida Camping - Moon
6 885 Ft 
6 198 Ft

Florida Camping - Moon

4th Edition
Aug 2007
Marilyn A. Moore

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6 885 Ft 
6 198 Ft
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Grab your sleeping bag, pack the car, and head out to discover the best camping spots in Florida. Whether you’re RV camping, hiking into the backcountry, or just looking for a quick getaway, you’ll find the perfect campsite among the choices selected by outdoors expert Marilyn Moore.

Features include:

• Campign options from remote sites in the Everglades ro convenient camping locations near Walt Disney World, with advice on nearby recreation
• Beachfront Campground lists, including Best Beachfront Campgrounds and Best Natural Springs
• Tips on camping equipment, food and cooking gear, clothing, hiking accessories, first aid, and insect protection
• Easy-to-follow maps with driving directions to each campground.
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