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Anguilla térkép - OSI
Anguilla térkép - OSI
8 860 Ft

Anguilla térkép - OSI


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8 860 Ft
Topographic survey map of Anguilla with the Prickly Pear Cays, plus Dog and Scrub Islands shown as insets. The map has contours at 25 feet intervals and indicates various types of vegetation and terrain: forests, scrub, palms, swamps and mangroves, plantations, cliffs and flat rocks, etc.

Built up areas are marked, with schools, churches, police stations, etc. Also shown are wells and water tanks, archaeological sites, local parish boundaries and the island’s light railway tracks. The map has a 1km UTM grids, plus latitude and longitude margin ticks.

Please note:
This map was published in 1997 by the now defunct Ordnance Survey International.
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