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Tonga térkép - ITM
Tonga térkép - ITM
3 900 Ft

Tonga térkép - ITM


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3 900 Ft
Maps of the main islands of the Tonga archipelago, with basic street plans of Nuku’alofa, Naiafu and Pangai. Each of the main islands is shown at a scale appropriate to its size:

- Tongatapu at 1:100,000 with a street plan of Nuku’alofa
- Vava’u group at 1:52,500 with a street plan of Neiafu
- Lifuka at 1:55,500 with a street plan of Pangai
- ‘Eufa at 1:73,500
- Kao and Tofua at 1:166,500
- Uoleva at 1:38,250
- Foa and Nukunamo at 1:55,500;
- Niuatoputapu at 1:68,750
- Niuafo’Ou at 1:90,750
- Ha’ano at 1:46,500
- ‘Uiha at 1:42.500

The maps have altitude colouring, showing paved roads and local tracks, accommodation and other tourist facilities, beaches and diving or snorkeling sites, caves, etc. Each inset has margin ticks for latitude and longitude. An overview map of the whole Tonga archipelago is also provided to help locating various island groups.

Street plans are also annotated with symbols indicating various facilities. The plan of Nuku’alofa has lists of accommodation, places to eat and important local buildings.
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