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Jemen térkép - ITM
Jemen térkép - ITM
3 900 Ft

Jemen térkép - ITM


1:1 400,000
Szállítási határidő: 10 nap
3 900 Ft
An attractive road map of the country with altitude colouring to show the relief. The cartography also shows physiography eg. dunes & lava, and hydrographic details eg. marshes and intermittent rivers.
Intermediate road distances are indicated on main roads, and some unsurfaced roads and tracks are included.
Symbols show the presence of many further features eg. airports, airfields, ports, hospitals, border crossings, antiquities, oases and beaches.

Latitude an longitude lines are at 1° intervals. The map is indexed and also provides a glossary of Arabic geographical terms.
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