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Singapore térkép - Hema
Singapore térkép - Hema
4 060 Ft

Singapore térkép - Hema

1: 10 000 - 45 000

Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
4 060 Ft
Clear road map of Singapore Island and adjacent islets at 1:45,000 showing major routes, secondary and minor roads, railways, bus terminals & points of interest. Pulau Tekong is shown in an inset. Indexed for locations, points of interest, MRT/LRT stations, hospitals, golf courses and islands.

On the reverse is an indexed street plan of the city at 1:10,000. Detail includes one-way streets, MRT lines, railways, bus terminals, points of interest, major buildings, theatres, hospitals, etc. There is also a schematic map of the MRT routes.
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