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Izrael autóatlasz - Mapa Publishers
Izrael autóatlasz - Mapa Publishers
11 000 Ft

Izrael autóatlasz - Mapa Publishers


Mapa Publishers
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11 000 Ft
Pocket size road atlas of Israel with a guide to the country’s 100 best sites. Road information includes locations of speed cameras and petrol stations by supplier. Areas of Palestinian control or joint authority are clearly defined, indicating both access roads to Jewish settlements and roads forbidden to Israelis by order of the IDF. The course of the separation wall is marked and pre-1967 boundary is shown in the West Bank.

The bulk of the country, to just beyond Be’er Sheva, is shown at 1:150,000, with the Negev Desert at 1:250,000. Road network includes passable dirt roads and seasonal 4WD tracks. Names of road junctions are shown as well as locations of military road blocks. Locations of speed cameras are marked and petrol stations indicate their suppliers. Railway lines are shown with stations and the atlas also marks the course of the “Israel Track” long distance hiking path.

A wide range of symbols mark various places of interest, including archaeological and historical sites, campsites and youth hostels, parks and nature reserves, beaches and recreational areas, places of worship of various religions, information centres and first aid stations, etc. The maps have Israeli grid lines. Map legend and all the text are in English. All place names are shown in Roman alphabet only.

A separate small map indicates location of the country’s 100 best sites, all annotated with brief descriptions including opening hours and/or contact details. The atlas also has a distance table and notes on driving regulations. The index of place names includes geographical features and places of interest.
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