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Csecsnya és Ingusföld térkép - PiTR
Csecsnya és Ingusföld térkép - PiTR
2 880 Ft

Csecsnya és Ingusföld térkép - PiTR


1 : 400 000
64 x 47 cm

szállítási határidő: 2 hét
2 880 Ft
Published by the Polish-Czechnia Committee.
Clear map with spot heights & elevation tinting portraying the general relief. All names on the map are in Roman alphabet and the legend is in Polish only. Detail includes roads, railways, rivers, passes, airports, administrative borders, petrol stations and selected landmarks eg. oil wells & power stations. Restricted zones are marked and colours distinguish forest and agricultural areas.
On the reverse is a black & white a historical map of the conquest of the Caucasus in the XIX century, plus lots of historical and geographical info in Polish.
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