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Kamcsatka-félsziget térkép - Avacha Bay Co
Kamcsatka-félsziget térkép - Avacha Bay Co
4 480 Ft

Kamcsatka-félsziget térkép - Avacha Bay Co


1 : 1 000 000
64 x 95 cm
Avacha Bay Co

szállítási határidő: 2 hét
4 480 Ft
Attractive, colourful physical map relying mainly on altitude tinting to portray the relief, although spot heights and 200m-interval contours are also used. Bathymetry is also shown represented by 100m contours. Insets show the Komandorsky Islands and the Northern Kuril Islands. Road detail includes main roads and some dirt tracks, and symbols highlight towns, shelters, active volcanos, selected mountain peaks and passes and hot springs. Mountain ranges are named, wetland areas distinguished and national park boundaries highlighted. Some text and many of the symbols used are quite small and may be a little difficult to read. Latitude & longitude lines are at 1° intervals.

On the reverse are notes on seven selected regions of interest, with each represented by a high altitude photograph. There is also a table of volcanoes showing their respective last eruption dates, heights & coordinates.
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