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Marsabit National Reserve térkép - Survey of Kenya
Marsabit National Reserve térkép - Survey of Kenya
6 860 Ft

Marsabit National Reserve térkép - Survey of Kenya


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6 860 Ft
One of the titles in a series of maps covering Kenya’s national parks and nature reserves with cartography based on the country’s topographic survey. Most titles include additional tourist information, indicating entry gates and orienteering signposts within the parks, lodges and other accommodation facilities, etc. Many maps have drawings and list of main animals commonly found in the park. For more information see descriptions of the individual titles.

Deliveries from Kenya are infrequent and unpredictable. Titles may remain out of stock for several weeks or months.

In this title: detailed map of the park and the reserve, with elevation colouring, contours and spot heights in feet showing the topography. Numerous craters are clearly marked, as well as the springs and waterholes. The map shows local roads and tracks, with orientation signposts and entry gates to the park, airstrips, and lodges. Latitude and longitude are shown in the margins at 10' intervals. A small inset indicates the location of the park within Kenya. The map also has lists of birds and drawings of animals found in the park.
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