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Kambodzsa térkép - Gecko maps
Kambodzsa térkép - Gecko maps
2 700 Ft

Kambodzsa térkép - Gecko maps

1 : 750 000
91 x 66 cm

Gecko Maps
Szállítási határidő: 3 nap
2 700 Ft
Good road map that gives a clear idea of topography. On one side of the sheet a map of the whole of the country, with lots of added tourist information details such as beach resorts and National Parks. On the reverse - a 1:15,000 street plan of Phnom Penh; an enlargement of the area of Angkor Wat; a plan of Siem Reab; an enlargement of Krong Preah Sihanouk & a plan of Sihanoukville. All street plans have a classified index. A latitude and longitude grid at an interval of 30' is superimposed on the main map.

Phnom Penh 1:15'000
Angkor Wat Area 1:150'000
Siem Reab 1:17'000
Sihanoukville 1:20'000, 1:50'000
Ream National Park 1:150'000

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