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Amszterdam térkép - Rough Maps
Amszterdam térkép - Rough Maps
2 698 Ft

Amszterdam térkép - Rough Maps

Amszterdam térkép
Méretarány: 1 : 7 500 és 1 : 5 000
Kiadó: Rough Guides
Szokásos szállítási idő: 2 hét
2 698 Ft
The innovative and wonderfully designed Rough Guides map series introduces maps constructed of waterproof and virtually indestructible 'paper' – they won't tear, fray or fall apart. Packed with keyed listing recommendations, they include annotated walking tour itineraries, a unique 'Time Map' and many more features.

• 3-maps-in-1; the card cover doubles as a quick access annotated walking tours map
• 'Night and Day' design; color usage improves visibility under street lights
• Color-coded index and two-way referenced 'spots' pinpoints sights, hotels, shops and more.
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