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Tel Aviv térkép - Mapa Publishers
Tel Aviv térkép - Mapa Publishers
6 280 Ft

Tel Aviv térkép - Mapa Publishers


Mapa Publishers
szállítási idő: 2 hét
6 280 Ft
Clear, indexed street plan of Tel Aviv, with an enlargement of the city centre and the Old Town of Jaffa, plus lots of tourist information on the reverse. All place names are in Roman alphabet and all the text is in English.

The main plan extends north to the motorway ring road and south to Yafo/Jaffa.
Colour coding indicates different types of facilities: culture and education, shopping and commerce, sport and leisure, etc. One way streets, traffic lights and locations of petrol stations and car parks are marked.

On longer street, selected house numbers are shown to help locate addresses. Symbols highlight places of interest including hotels and youth hostels, religious buildings of various denominations, police stations and first aid points, etc.

An enlargement presents the city centre in greater detail. On the reverse the map has a street index and an extensive guide to the city with descriptions of various sites and museums, a list of festivals and annual events, recommendations for hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. Also included is an enlargement of the Old Town of Jaffa.
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