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Ventspils térkép - Jana Seta
Ventspils térkép - Jana Seta
1 200 Ft

Ventspils térkép - Jana Seta


Edition of year 2006
Scale 1:20 000, center 1:10 000
Sizes 80 x 51,5 cm; 20 x 10,3 cm folded

Jana Seta
1 200 Ft
There is published new edition of Ventspils town plan with traditional information for this map series about town history, tourism objects and examination benches. There are shown new objects in map, for example, skiing hill, deer garden and new bus terminal.
Town plan is on scale 1:20 000 and center plan on scale 1:10 000 are supplemented with street index. Edition’s text is in two languages – Latvian and English, comparing with previous edition, in this one is larger description about examination benches in Ventspils, including all newest tourism objects. There are more than 20 color photos in this edition.
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