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Párizs atlasz - Michelin 56
Párizs atlasz - Michelin 56
2 500 Ft 
2 250 Ft

Párizs atlasz - Michelin 56

spirál atlasz
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2 500 Ft 
2 250 Ft
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Clear and easy-to-read atlas, which accurately reflects the actual street layout and shows all the minor streets, little alleys, small squares, covered passages, etc. Public buildings, including all the famous monuments and museums, are clearly marked. The plan indicates one-way streets and various entrances to metro stations, also Taxi ranks and 24hr petrol stations. Map legend includes English.

The plan is ideal for all those who wish to go beyond the usual tourist routes and explore Parisian nooks and crannies or just need an accurate and detailed plan of the whole city.

Pocket atlas No.56 includes several additional maps: diagrams of bus, metro, RER and suburban rail networks; maps of Bois de Boulogne, Bois de Vincennes, La Defense; a map of cycle routes across the city and plans of the airports. Also includes information on public transport, taxi ranks and emergency services.
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