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Egypt - Berlitz
Egypt - Berlitz
2 490 Ft 
2 117 Ft

Egypt - Berlitz

Published: 07 Jan 2008
144 pages
size: 144 x 102

Berlitz Publishing
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2 490 Ft 
2 117 Ft
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The Berlitz Egypt Pocket Guide focuses on the major archaeological sites and the Nile. The guide covers all the main places to visit, area by area, in an easily navigable format. Descriptions of tourist attractions include the pyramids, temples of the Nile Valley and Cairo's markets and mosques. The guide also describes the cities of Cairo and Alexandria as well as other attractions such as Mount Sinai. There is background historical information, advice on shopping and entertainment and the low-down on Egyptian cuisine. Also included is an A-Z of practical information, listings of recommended hotels and restaurants and useful expressions in Arabic. You can read special features on topics ranging from Cleopatra's Charms to Saving the Sphinx. Maps show Cairo, Egypt and Middle and Upper Egypt, and there are dozens of colour photographs throughout.

Maps: Cairo; Egypt; Middle and Upper Egypt.
Introduction; A Brief History.
Where to Go: Cairo; The Pyramids; Alexandria and the Mediterranean Coast; Valley of the Nile, Main Sites; Valley of the Nile, Other Attractions; Around Lake Nasser; Oases of the Western Desert; The Red Sea and the Suez Canal; Sinai.
What to Do: Entertainment; Sports; Shopping; Children.
Eating Out; Handy Travel Tips; Hotels and Restaurants; Index.

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