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Senegal, guidebook in English - Bradt
Senegal, guidebook in English - Bradt
7 200 Ft

Senegal, guidebook in English - Bradt

Senegal - guidebook in English
1st edition (November 2015)
Written by Sean Connolly
Publisher: Bradt
7 200 Ft
Like the whole of West Africa in microcosm, Senegal boasts a variety of landscapes and cultures that belie its compact size. Northern desert wilds give way to the rain-soaked Casamance, fringed by hundreds of kilometres of pristine beaches and the fantastically frenetic capital city, Dakar, surrounded by ocean and proudly perched at the westernmost point on the African continent. This smorgasbord of landscapes is all accessible within a day's travel, making Senegal the perfect choice for anyone looking to sink their teeth into West Africa, for the first time or the hundredth.
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