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Tokyo Eyewitness Travel Guide
Tokyo Eyewitness Travel Guide
5 490 Ft
4 118 Ft

Tokyo Eyewitness Travel Guide

208 pages
03 Mar 2008

125 x 217mm
Dorling Kindersley

5 490 Ft
4 118 Ft
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This fascinating city; the world’s largest metropolis, is becoming increasingly popular with and accessible to foreign visitors. Few people today are not affected by the creativity, culture and economy of Tokyo, yet this megacity remains an enigma for many.

Tokyo is the seat of the Japanese government and an economic powerhouse in the global financial market as well as a city at the cutting edge of fashion trends and modern architecture.

This DK Eyewitness Travel Guide provides in-depth coverage of the city, from the looming skyscrapers, neon-bathed streets and flashing video screens of the labyrinthine Shinjuku district to the traditional shrine complex of Meiji Jingu and the arresting mix of contemporary building developments found throughout the city.

Three specially devised walking tours take you to the heart of this bustling, enigmatic and ultimately bewitching city.