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Oregon Fishing - Moon
Oregon Fishing - Moon
5 985 Ft 
5 388 Ft

Oregon Fishing - Moon

1st Edition
November 27, 2006
Craig Schuhmann

325 pages
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5 985 Ft 
5 388 Ft
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The Complete Guide to Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and the Ocean

Pack up your rod and reel, stock your tackle box, and head out to fish the best lakes, rivers, and saltwater areas in the Beaver State. Whether you're a first-time enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, you'll find the perfect destination with a range of options selected by expert angler Craig Schuhmann. From the waters of the Columbia River Gorge to the lakes of the Cascades, this is your guide to fishing in Oregon.

Features include:
• Helpful tips on how to find and catch top Oregon fish, such as salmon, steelhead, and rainbow trout
• Lists of Best Fishing Spots, such as Best for Steelhead and Best Places to Teach Kids to Fish
• Essential planning details, including site descriptions, fees and regulations, and advice on where to camp or lodge
• Precise driving directions to each fishing spot