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Dublin térkép - Collins
Dublin térkép - Collins
2 300 Ft 
2 070 Ft

Dublin térkép - Collins

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pub date: 07/03/2005

Harper Collins
2 300 Ft 
2 070 Ft
Kezdete: 2009.07.05   A készlet erejéig!
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Megtakarítás 230 Ft
MAIN FEATURES Fully updated street map for 2005 with clear, colour classified streets named and numbered plus places of interest, all fully colour coded for ease of use.
INCLUDES • Important buildings and places of interest • Car parks and railway stations • Full index to street names
AREA OF COVERAGE From Ballymun and Baldoyle in the north to Dundrum in the south, includes Castleknock and Phoenix Park in the west to the coast in the east.
WHO THE PRODUCT IS OF INTEREST TO Residents, businesses and visitors will all find this map a useful purchase.