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Bolivia térkép - Borch
Bolivia térkép - Borch
4 060 Ft

Bolivia térkép - Borch


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4 060 Ft
Laminated, waterproof tourist map of Bolivia with street plans of central La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Potosi and Sucre. The map is double-sided, presenting Bolivia in two sections: most of the country at 1:1,750,000 and the eastern part beyond Santa Cruz (east of longitude 62°) at 1:2,500,000. Bold hill-shading indicates the relief, with selected peak altitudes marked. Various mountain ranges and geographical regions are named, and national parks and nature reserves are indicated. Road detail distinguishes paved and unpaved roads, includes selected tracks and shows intermediate distances on many routes. Main railways are also marked and symbols denote local airports, mountain passes, archaeological sites and other places of interest, etc. Latitude and longitude lines are at 1° intervals. Multilingual map legend includes English.

A road map at 1:400,000 provides more detailed coverage of the region around La Paz, with Cordillera Real and the eastern end of Lake Titicaca. Street plans at various scales show central La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Potosi and Sucre, indicating places of interest and hotels, information offices, museums, churches, markets, post offices, bus stations, etc. The maps and the plans are indexed for towns/streets, places of interest, hotels and public buildings, etc.

Also included is a plan of the ruins at Tiahuanaco, a small map showing Bolivia’s administrative departments and the South American time zones, and information on the country’s climate.