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Ladakh & Zanskar North: Brog-Yul - Nubra - Shyog
Ladakh & Zanskar North: Brog-Yul - Nubra - Shyog
8 060 Ft

Ladakh & Zanskar North: Brog-Yul - Nubra - Shyog

1 : 150 000
96 x 66 cm

Editions Olizane
Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
8 060 Ft
One of the titles in a series of excellent topographic trekking maps of the Ladakh - Zanskar region on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper. Each map is double-sided, covering a large area of 90km x 240km. The maps have exceptionally clear cartography with contours at 100m intervals, enhanced by relief shading, additional spot heights for peaks and passes, plus colouring indicating glaciers, marshes, protected zones and forested or cultivated areas. Population centres are graded into towns, villages, hamlets and settlements and names of local regions are shown.

Roads, tracks and numerous trails are clearly highlighted and symbols indicate various places of interest: forts, palaces and ruins: religious sites; old trade routes; caves and hot springs; checkpoints and military posts, etc.

The maps have a UTM grid and latitude/longitude margin ticks at intervals of 9’. Map legend in English and French. Also provided is a glossary of geographical and cultural local terms.