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Firenze múzeumai laminált térkép - Insight
Firenze múzeumai laminált térkép - Insight
2 765 Ft

Firenze múzeumai laminált térkép - Insight

laminált térkép
1 : 8 000

Insight Maps
Szállítási határidő : 10 nap
2 765 Ft
Clear plan covering most of the city, from Ponte della Vittoria in the west to Ponte G. da Verrazzano in the east, and from Monte alle Croci in the south to Piazza della Libertà in the north. A small inset shows nearby Fiésole at 1:13,500 and on the reverse is a street plan of central Pisa.
Museums, galleries, notable buildings and landmarks are distinguished, also such features as car parks, places of worship, theatres, shopping centres, pedestrian zones and police stations. Some general tips for tourists are provided and additional information about the museums and galleries is presented, including floor plans of the Uffizi gallery and Palazzo Pitti.
The index lists places of interest, hotels, public buildings, museums etc. separately from street names.
Laminated in durable plastic.

Map legend and all text are in English.