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Drakensberg Range Map 3 - Giant's Castle, Monk's Cowl térkép - Kwazulu Natal Nature
Drakensberg Range Map 3 - Giant´s Castle, Monk´s Cowl térkép - Kwazulu Natal Nature
4 460 Ft

Drakensberg Range Map 3 - Giant´s Castle, Monk´s Cowl térkép - Kwazulu Natal Nature


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4 460 Ft
One of a series of detailed topographical maps with relief shading, contours at 20m intervals, and numerous stop heights. Boundaries of the special Wilderness Areas and KZN Wildlife Protected Areas are shown and several kinds of hiking paths are marked: National Hiking Ways and “Ways to go” routes, plus major and minor paths, indicating difficult sections which may require ropes. On paths crossroads junction numbers are given with altitude and distance in km to the next junction. An overprint of symbols conveys information on various types of accommodation, caves with overnight accommodation and potential camping sites, information centres, rangers outposts, etc. A local grid is overprinted at 1km intervals, with latitude and longitude grid at 1'intervals.

Full topographical detail continues across the provincial border into the Free State province and Lesotho but with considerably less information. In Lesotho the overprint highlights local paths, with rapids and waterfalls on local rivers also marked, but with little or no other information. Within the Free State the map shows roads and local settlements with the location of schools, stores, and churches but without any hiking paths.

The whole of the reverse side of each map is covered by text with advice on hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains including location of caves, notes on the geography, geology and ecology of the area, and drawings of the local flora and fauna.