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Bangkok - Rough Guide
Bangkok - Rough Guide
5 350 Ft

Bangkok - Rough Guide

Bangkok - angol nyelvű útikönyv
5. kiadás (2010 március)
Írták: Lucy Ridout, Paul Gray
286 oldalon, 25 térkép, 16 oldalas színes bevezetővel
Szokásos szállítási idő: 3 hét
5 350 Ft
The Rough Guide to Bangkok is the essential guide to this dynamic city. Features include:
• Full-colour section introducing the city’s highlights.
• Vivid accounts of every attraction, from the royal temples and palaces of Ratanakosin to the vast weekend market at Chatuchak.
• Up-to-the-minute reviews of where to stay, eat, drink and shop, plus full details of the city’s transport systems.
• Excursions to the grandiose ruins of Ayutthaya and the rafthouses and war sights along the River Kwai.
• Easy-to-read maps and plans for every district.