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Jharkhand térkép - TTK
Jharkhand térkép - TTK
2 860 Ft

Jharkhand térkép - TTK


szállítási idő: 2 hét
2 860 Ft
One of the titles in a series of locally produced administrative maps of Indian states, each with a booklet providing a guide to the area. The maps show the division of each state into districts and have more small towns and villages than on more general maps of India available from other publishers. Presentation is now considerably improved with the districts shown in different colours. The maps indicate each district’s administrative capital and also show which towns or villages are headquarters of the tehsil (or tahsil, tahasil, taluka, taluk, taluq) administrative units.

Road network distinguishes between national highways, state highways, major roads and other local roads. Intermediate driving distances are given on some routes and most titles include a distance table. Railway lines are also marked and, on some titles, various places of interest. No information on topography or geographical coordinates are provided. Each map comes with a booklet attached to its cover, which contains a guide to the state and, in some titles, an index of place names. In the more recently revised titles the guides provide plenty of information on local places of interest and various attractions, and include lists of selected accommodation and, occasionally, basic street plans.