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Kinshasa térkép - Aquaterra sa
Kinshasa térkép - Aquaterra sa
6 460 Ft

Kinshasa térkép - Aquaterra sa

1 : 16 000

Szállítási határidő: 10 nap
Institut Geographique National
6 460 Ft
Indexed street map of the city with the Ndjili Airport depicted in a small inset. Main map coverage extends from the eastern industrial zone and swamp to the "Gendarmerie" quarter in the west, and south to Camp President Kabila in the Lemba district. Colouring distinguishes built-up areas, industrial zones, and green open spaces. Symbols depict schools, churches, police stations, hospitals, embassies, and post offices. Railways, canals and public transport routes are indicated, and the map also shows names and boundaries of different communes.

The main street index is supplemented by a list of various public offices, hospitals, embassies, etc., plus a separate list old street names with their current replacements. On the reverse is an extensive list of useful addresses eg. public services, emergency services, government departments, foreign embassies, hotels, tourist sites, travel agents, and even opticians! Many of these are cross-referenced to locations on the map. The legend includes English.