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Carriacou to Grenada Chart B32 - Imray
Carriacou to Grenada Chart B32 - Imray
8 040 Ft

Carriacou to Grenada Chart B32 - Imray

Last printed: November 2006

szállítási idő: 2 hét
8 040 Ft
A series of navigational charts for the coastal waters of the Caribbean. Depths are shown in fathoms and feet, with different sea colouring indicating areas with depths below one, between one and five, and over five fathoms. Each chart contains insets showing local harbours annotated with symbols indicating what facilities can be found there (marinas, mooring and berth facilities, fuel, water, chandlers, etc.). Positions referred to WGS84 Datum can be plotted directly onto these charts. Printed on waterproof paper.

Windward Islands - The Grenadines - South Sheet

Plans: St George's Harbour (Grenada), Tyrrel Bay (Carriacou), Grenada Bay, Grenville Harbour (Grenada), South Coast of Grenada.