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Omán térkép - Ministry of Tourism
Omán térkép - Ministry of Tourism
5 260 Ft

Omán térkép - Ministry of Tourism


Oman Ministry of Tourism
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5 260 Ft
A clear road and physical map with elevation tinting portraying the general relief, and salt marsh and sand dune areas distinguished. Road detail shows dual carriageways, other main roads, graded roads and tracks. Symbols depict airports, hotels, petrol stations, diving regions, turtle breeding regions, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Beehive Tombs and other sites of interest. A driving distance table is included, along with notes on the country's geography.
On the reverse are street plans of Muscat, the Mutrah Business District, Sur, Salalah and Sohar. The map is sponsored by the National Bank of Oman - hence NBO branches are given some prominence among the buildings and locations identified in these plans. Additional notes briefly describe selected places of interest, and useful phone numbers are listed.