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China Eyewitness Travel Guide
China Eyewitness Travel Guide
9 490 Ft
7 118 Ft

China Eyewitness Travel Guide

672 pages
01 Feb 2008

125 x 217mm
Dorling Kindersley
9 490 Ft
7 118 Ft
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Kedvezmény 25
Megtakarítás 2 372 Ft
Discover the real China with this major new edition to the Eyewitness Travel Guides series

From the enigmatic Terra-Cotta Warriors to the buzzing nightlife of Shanghai, discover the real China with this fantastic new guide. Unique cutaway maps and 3D models show you how to explore China's breathtaking sites and the guide provides expert tips for cruising through the stunning Yangzi Three Gorges or discovering the ultra-modern cities of Hong Kong.

Contains illustrated features on Chinese art, history and opera
Phrasebook and location headings are presented with Chinese characters, so you can point out what you are looking for
Includes tips on where to enjoy the best Peking duck and Tsingtao beer!
Explore China's cultural heritage with the richly illustrated text – on everything from Beijing Opera to calligraphy. Illustrated food features highlight regional specialities, and detailed listings of the best places to stay and eat have been provided by resident China experts. Discover the magnificence of China's greatest sites with this essential Eyewitness Travel Guide.