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Izrael (Nature Reserves and National Parks) térkép - Carta
Izrael (Nature Reserves and National Parks) térkép - Carta
7 260 Ft

Izrael (Nature Reserves and National Parks) térkép - Carta


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7 260 Ft
Large, double-sided map highlighting Israel’s national parks and nature reserves, as well as the route of the “Israel Trail” (Shvil Yisrael), crisscrossing the country from Upper Galilee to the Gulf of Eilat. The base map is the publisher’s physical map of the country, with bold altitude colouring clearly showing the depression along the valley of the Jordan and around the Dead Sea. Spot heights, markings for dunes and cliffs, plus hydrography, including seasonal wadis and wells, provide more information on the topography. All place names are in Roman alphabet only. The road network shows the names of road junctions, indispensable information when driving in Israel. Palestinian autonomous areas are highlighted. Symbols mark national parks and nature reserves and indicate various places in interest, including ancient sites, caves, etc. The map has a UTM grid. Map legend is in English. An index of place names is in a booklet attached to the map cover.

A separate, 35-page booklet carries information on the country’s national parks and reserves, providing brief descriptions, contact details, and indication of various facilities. All the text is in English.