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Singapore - Footprint
Singapore - Footprint
5 490 Ft
4 118 Ft

Singapore - Footprint

Joshua Eliot & Jane Bickersteth
2nd Edition
Published: 01 Jun 2001
240 Pages
Including 16 pages in colour 15 B/W maps

Szállítási határidő: 3 hét
5 490 Ft
4 118 Ft
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Singapore is an unlikely place. It has been engineered to unexpected economic success and 'imagineered' into an entertainment playground for the historically and ecologically impaired citizens of Singapore, whose government once implored them to 'have spontaneous fun'. A report in The Economist judged Singapore to be the most boring city in the world. For those who fail to venture beyond the plazas that line Orchard Road, or spend their time on coach trips to the ersatz cultural extravaganzas, this is not surprising. But, despite its brash consumerism and toy-town mentality, Singapore is certainly not without its charm.


Singapore, Sentosa and Outer Singapore.