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Izrael térkép - Carta
Izrael térkép - Carta
7 260 Ft

Izrael térkép - Carta


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7 260 Ft
General road map with recommended routes for travelling in the West Bank. The map shows the road network, from toll roads to selected unpaved local tracks, giving intermediate driving distances on main roads. Palestinian autonomous areas are indicated, as well as Jewish settlements and villages within the West Bank, with access roads and other recommended routes across the whole area clearly marked. Open crossing points to Egypt and Jordan are indicated.

Colouring highlights forested and desert areas, and numerous places of interest, including archaeological sites, ruins, beaches, etc. are marked. All the place names are in Roman alphabet and map legend is in English. The map has no geographical coordinates. On the reverse is a political map of the whole of the Middle East, an extensive distance table (supplemented by a small map of the country with distances between main junctions), and an index.