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Hong Kong Guidebook & Street Atlas - Universal Press
Hong Kong Guidebook & Street Atlas - Universal Press
9 000 Ft

Hong Kong Guidebook & Street Atlas - Universal Press

atlasz + útikönyv
266 pages

szállítási idő: 2 hét
9 000 Ft
Comprehensive pocket atlas and directory for the region with text in Chinese and English. The maps are finely drawn and some of the text is quite small.
Detailed general mapping of the region at 1:72,600 uses elevation tinting to show the general relief. Detail includes minor roads, railways, landmarks, temples, police stations, schools, country parks, reserves, footpaths and spot heights.
Street mapping for Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and a range of other towns throughout the mainland and Lantau Island (including HK Airport) is at various scales from 1:6,000 to 1:18,000. Highly detailed, these show tram & bus routes, bus terminals, taxi stands, railways, building numbers, notable buildings, government offices, fire stations, police ststions and many other features.
Includes diagrams and fare structure information for the MTR and KCR rail services, and information on ferries. Directory section lists useful telephone numbers, hotels, cinemas, theatres, galleries, museums, sports facilities, libraries, hospitals & clinics, govt. offices, consulates, churches & temples and schools.
Indexed for places and streets.

Map legends and geographical notes in Chinese and English.
No Index