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Tel Aviv térkép - Carta
Tel Aviv térkép - Carta
6 060 Ft

Tel Aviv térkép - Carta


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6 060 Ft
Tel Aviv and Yafo, with an enlargement for the Old Town of Jaffa and extensive index of streets, neighbourhoods, and various institutions. The plan extends northwards well beyond the Hayarkon (Yarqon) River and the Tel Aviv University to the academic sites of Kiryat Hinuch and the Kiryat Sha’ul Cemetary and south beyond Yafo to Bat Yam and the Mikveh Yisra’el Agricultural School in Holon. Coverage eastwards includes the neighbourhoods of Bnei Brak, Givatayim and Ramat Gan. A wide range of colours and symbols highlight public buildings, markets, museums, shopping malls, sport and leisure facilities, embassies, etc. Bus and railway stations are clearly marked and the plan also shows one way streets, car parks, and locations of petrol stations. An enlargement shows the historic heart of Old Jaffa in greater detail.

On the reverse there is an extensive index of streets, plus neighbourhoods, cultural, educational, medical, religious institutions, parks and gardens, selected hotels, over 70 embassies, etc. All the place names are in Roman alphabet only, with the legend in English.