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Bajor Alpok térkép - Borch
Bajor Alpok térkép - Borch
4 060 Ft

Bajor Alpok térkép - Borch


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4 060 Ft
Excellent, laminated, waterproof and tear-resistant tourist map of the Bavarian Alps, with street plans of Munich and main holiday resorts, plus enlargements for the most visited areas.

On one side is a road map at 1:275,000 extending from Munich and Augsburg to Innsbruck and from Lake Constance to Salzburg. Motorway network and main roads clearly show access to the region’s numerous places of interest highlighted on the map. Restricted access roads, winter closures and special tourist routes are indicated. The map has ticks at 10’ intervals showing latitude and longitude. An extensive index includes separate list of various sights, attractions, etc.

On the reverse is a selection of street plans and more detailed maps, all annotated with places of interest and indexed. The plans show central Munich, Garmish-Partenkirchen, Lindau, Kemptem, Bad Tölz and Altötting, while the enlargements cover the Berchtesgaden area, plus sites of Ludwig II’s most famous castles: Füssen with Neuschwanstein and the western part of the Chiemsee Lake with Herrenhiemsee.

Also provided is information on the region’s climate and useful tourist tips. Map legend and all the text include English.